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Okay so basically what’s going on here is:

Suga is talking about their Shinhwa performance.

Rap Mon is randomly singing along to “Mr. Mr.” while doing a weird ass dance.

Jin is happy that he’s about to get his grub on.

Jimin is bouncing around like a child with ADD.

Jungkook casually walks by while nomming on food he probably stole from Jin.

J-Hope announces that he’s J-Hope while also nomming on food he probably stole from Jin as he throws confetti in front of the camera for reasons that are only known to this weird mofo.

Taehyung copies off of his hyung by announcing that he’s Taehyung, THREE DAMN TIMES. And rudely interrupts Jimin to do so.

Yup, they’re all idiots except for Suga and Kookie THIS TIME lol. I dunno how but they managed to come off as normal in this video. I applaud them for that XD

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    Are You From...

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    SSTP (111222)

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Aaare you fram Japin, China, Shingapoh, Hongkong, Ameerica, Italia, Franceu, Seupain, Turkey and Seoooul? If you come here Yeouido MBC right now, I mean,before 2am, you can meet us..and get dericious food made by Donghae & Eunhyuk oppa. If you can come, prease send messagey to us righnow, the numba iz shahp eight oh! oh! two! Then, arrr send back to you inveeting...inviting messagey. I LOVE YOU KOREA!  

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